Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Peace and Patience

Our pastor (Jean Larroux) has been teaching on "The Fruit of the Spirit" for the past few weeks. It has been so great to hear his wisdom and insight on Love, Joy and now Peace and Patience. In summary I have learned that the fruit produced by the Spirit is not generated by the hard work of keeping the law but by the harder work of believing the Gospel! I am not a naturally peaceful or patient person, but you know what, neither is anyone else! Our hearts do not naturally produce peace or patience because our hearts naturally love ourselves more than others. This is why we must always rely on Jesus alone to produce peace and patience in our hearts and love others with the peace and patience that none of us deserves! This is what I learned this week and here is what I painted this week. ( At least the ones I am willing to show you! ) The others need a little bit of PATIENCE on my part!

Church on a Hill
16 x 12
Acrylic on Canvas

Girl Talk
12 x 12
Mixed Media on Canvas

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