Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jim Richards Workshop

This is Jim's Pallette, and yes he only uses 4 colors! I freaked out at first but after he demonstrated what he could accomplish with these 4 colors it actually makes things easier and the color harmony he achieves is amazing!

Jim working on his demo

Jim's nearly completed scene

My WIP 36 x 48!

This workshop was absolutely amazing! If any of you ever get the chance to take a class from him you should! He is a fantastic teacher and he spends lots of time explaining why he does the things he does. He explained alot about composition and why he placed certain things in his composition and not others. He also taught me alot about color values and color harmony. The biggest challenge for me was working on this huge canvas! It is sooooo big. The fumes in my car on the way home from Atlanta were really strong! I still have some work to do on this so I wasn't super concerned with the picture quality I posted, I know it is cropped poorly but I will post a better picture when the painting is complete. I took this class at "The Art School in Sandy Springs" and it was fabulous! Thanks Donna and Jim!

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