Saturday, July 3, 2010


"Her Wedding"
Acrylic on Board

Summer is finally here which means I have so much more time for painting! I love having the ability to paint for awhile and walk away and look at things with fresh eyes. We have had the pleasure of attending several weddings this summer which inspired this painting. The brides are all so beautiful, innocent, radiant and in love. Our "pastor-to-be", Rev. Jean Larroux , also preached two incredible sermons last Sunday and the first was entitled " Her wedding, His funeral". This is where the title for the painting came from, and he discussed how the husband is literally called to "give up" his life and devote it to his wife. It was a remarkable sermon and draws the parallel between Christ and his church and the groom and his bride. How blessed are we that Christ chose to give his life for us! I hope to do a larger version of this painting soon!

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Claire Kayser said...

Very cool, Karen! Love the colors and texture! Is this someone you know?