Friday, April 24, 2009

C & C Creativa Painting Journey

Carole's Studio
16 x 20 Acrylic on Canvas

Pink Gerber Daisy
6 x 12 Acrylic on Artist Board

I had a marvelous time last weekend at the C&C Creativa Painting Journey with Carole Foret and Claire Kayser! This was such an inspirational time as well as a great time of fellowship, relaxation and excellent food! We painted outdoors all day on Friday and the weather was absolutely beautiful. The painting of Carole's studio was done from across the street on the courthouse lawn! Since I was with Carole I decided to try her WAVY style and I waved a little but probably not enough. At any rate it was lots of fun. Saturday we had a great day of painting indoors and I completed the painting below of the Gerber daisy along with a couple of others that I have not finished yet. We had a great time doing yoga with Steffan De Graffenreid at Updog Yoga! We also got a surprise visit from one of Carole's friends, Jason Gray, who is a Christian music artist and he played a little bit for us. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone interested in painting, having fun, getting away, etc.... I hope to get to do it again sometime in the future.  Great job Carole and Claire!

10 x 10 
Acrylic on Canvas

This painting was done at Carole Foret's Wine and Paint she did at The Ledges last night. There were 25 people there and it was lots of fun!  I hope you like all the paintings and I hope to post more very soon.

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Claire Kayser said...

Karen, you were a joy to have in our weekend of painting, and you have your beautiful style going. Keep it up! I love the finished work of the weekend. Well done!