Friday, November 14, 2008

Different Strokes Challenge Week 10

Upside Down Walker
8 x 8 Acrylic on Board

Okay, this was really interesting! This is another one of Karin Jurick's Different Strokes Challenges. She supplieed us with the reference photo and asked us to paint it upside down! So with brush in hand and photo taped upside down next to my easel, I begain my task. It was actually really freeing because you forget what you are painting and it just becomes shapes and colors. Now, I will have to say that when I was finished I did turn it over and spruce it up a little, but it was great practice and again I would not have chosen to do that on my own. I feel like I am taking a class with about 85 of my closest friends :) You have to go look at all the finished products it is really alot of fun to see everyone's interpretations. Thanks again for visiting!


laine lea said...

Great Job on the weekly challenge Karin! i try to do them also and find Karins references to be great! Like you blog - and 'the shack'...........great book...just finished reading it!

Karen Smith said...

Laine thanks so much for your kind words, we all need encouragement as artists to move us forward so thank you! Oh and yes..the shack is one of my favorites too!

Kathleen said...

Nice job! This weeks photo was a REAL challenge. You did well with it.

Karen Smith said...

Thank you Kathleen!, that really means alot to me.