Wednesday, October 8, 2008

War Eagle!!!!!!!

"Nova" - Sold
18x18 Acrylic on Canvas

For all you Auburn fans....this is Nova in his pre-game flight. Can't you just hear the crowd cheering WAAAAAAR Eagle Hey! This is a tradition at Auburn University  before the start of every football game. Nova is released in the top corner of the stadium and circles above the field and then takes his landing, mid-field as the crowd cheers the battle cry "War Eagle". I painted this for my son who is a junior at Auburn University. Auburn is my alma mater as well. Thanks to Carole Foret for her help with this project!


Carole Foret said...

Girl! How wonderful it turned out! You did a great job on the last suggestion I had for you. Can't wait to check your blog these days! YOu go...

Karen Smith said...

Thanks! My husband said it looks like a duck :( That was not very encouraging. But, what does he know anyway he went to Alabama!